10 best boho bags right now! (2018 edition)

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Are you looking for some new inspiration? Well you’ve come to the right place. We are always on the lookout for beautiful boho bags. In fact we’ve spent hours scouring the internet for bag awesomeness that’s not on the high street.


Bags you won’t find elsewhere…

Yes we’ll admit there have been occasions when we’ve walked into the office only to find someone else wearing the exact same thing! Hate it. And there’s no need when there are so many amazing companies out there with awesome apparel.


All styles, all boho

This list has it covered. Handmade, natural materials, tassels, leather, bright colours. We’ve cut back the list to the top 10 ones we think you’ll like the most.


Oh and by the way we aren’t affiliated with any of these companies, we don’t make any commission from mentioning them. We make and sell beautiful jewellery and have a massive appreciation for all things Bohemian, that’s our thing.


 1. Colorful4u

Color4u boho bags

These bags are so colourful! With a wide variety of patterns and designs we love their bold colours. They offer a range of handbags, bags, backpacks and yoga mat carriers.

Price: average range is $39 - $159 USD
Location: USA but the bags are made in Columbia and Thailand
Returns policy: 15 days
Shipping: varies
Payment plans: none
Website: www.colorful4u.com


2. Buffalo girl

 Buffalo girl bag

Buffalo girl
If you have a slightly larger budget these wallets and bohemian bags are beautiful! They have lots of detail and are adorned with gemstones. There’s not a huge range to choose from but definitely worth a look.

Price: average range is $370 to $1,900 AUD
Location: Australia, products handmade by the owner
Returns policy: 3 months
Shipping: $15 in Australia
Payment plans: Zip pay and Afterpay
Website: https://buffalogirl.com/


3. Old Gringo boots

Gringoboots boho bags

Gringo boots
This is primarily a boot store but they sell bags as well. Leather, fringe and pretty designs. It’s a fairly small range but well worth a look.

Price: average range is $49 to $320 USD
Location: USA
Returns policy: 30 days
Shipping: Individually calculated by weight and location
Payment plans: none
Website: https://oldgringoboots.com


4. Karma of Charme 

Karmaofcharme bags

Karma of Charme
A wide range of leather and tassel bags. We love the unique designs and adornments on the bags. And we’ve included pics from our fave ones. Their range includes handbags and backpacks.

Price: average range is €135 to €339
Location: Italy
Returns policy: 14 days
Shipping: free on orders over €100 otherwise cost is dependent on location
Payment plans: none
Website: www.karmaofcharmeshop.com/


5. Aurobelle

Aurobelle boho bags

They have a beautiful selection of wicker style bohemian bags made from bamboo. There’s a good range to choose from. As well as bags they also offer a wide selection of dresses, sarongs, kaftas and shoes.

Price: €30- €170
Location: Ibiza
Returns policy: 7 days for exchanges
Shipping: varies depending on location
Payment plans: none
Website: https://aurobelle.com/


6. Jodilee

Jodilee boho bags

Damn, these bags are so fine! And there’s so many to choose from, and we can’t stop looking at them! Beautiful fringe bags and leather bags with gemstones are some of our favourites.

Price: $150- $350
Location: Australia
Returns policy: 7 days for returns
Shipping: free shipping worldwide
Payment plans: none
Website: www.jodilee.com.au/


7. Percibal

Percibal bohemian bags 

This is a beautiful collection of handmade leather bags. They have a range of crossovers, totes, hobo fringe, wallets, bucket bags, backpacks and wallets. Our favourites are the cowhide and boho tassle ones.

Price: $145 - $330
Location: Uruguay
Returns policy: 3 days for returns
Shipping: varies depending on location
Payment plans: none
Website: www.etsy.com/au/shop/Percibal


8. Running Roan Track

 Runningroantack boho bags

Running Roan Tack
An awesome selection of cowhide bags. For some of their range they salvage Louis Vuitton bags and upgrade them with cowhide, gemstones, tassles and other amazing things!

Price: $145 - $330
Location: Texas, USA
Returns policy: 3 days for returns
Shipping: varies depending on location
Payment plans: none
Website: www.runningroantack.com/

 9. Verada shop

Verada shop boho bags

Verada shop
If you’re looking for woven bags, these guys have a big range: canvas, hill tribe and yoga mat bags. They are handmade in Thailand.

Price: $145 - $330
Location: Thailand
Returns policy: 3 days for returns
Shipping: varies depending on location
Payment plans: none
Website: www.etsy.com/au/shop/veradashop


 10. India Wakanda

Indiawakanda boho bags

 India Wakanda
These are some of our favourite bags! The designs are so unique and breath taking! You can't purchase them from their website; it just shows examples of their work so you’ll need to contact them to get one made for yourself. The best way to reach out is via email or DM on Instagram- indiawakanda@gmail.com. Show them a piece that you like and take it from there.

Price: is arranged individually
Location: Spain
Returns policy: N/A
Shipping: N/A
Payment plans: none
Website: https://www.indiawakanda.com/


We hope you found this list useful. Any great boutiques we missed out on? Send us an email and we'll add them to the list. Happy shopping ❤️


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